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PLAY 3 Make it simple and intuitive"Using a government service shouldn’t be stressful, confusing, or daunting. It’s our job to build services that are simple and intuitive enough that users succeed the first time, unaided." - CIO Playbook
Take a moment and consider your favorite apps,  the ones you rely on every day.  My favorite apps all have a few things in common, they are simple, they get things done, they live on my mobile devices and I don't need to squint to use them.   Truly great applications are built around the user and around their life space.  

Dozens of books have been written about the topic of user experience, yet few things are neglected more often than user-centric design.  Most failed apps fail here.  The focus of application design is not simply to please the eye but to be usable and usable means functional.  

As I have stated many times, the arbitrator of functionality is the user.   If you release an app without their feedback, it most often will not su…