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Address the whole experience, from start to finish.

"We need to understand the different ways people will interact with our services, including the actions they take online, through a mobile application, on a phone, or in person. Every encounter — whether it's online or offline — should move the user closer towards their goal." - CIO Playbook

Continuing my series on the USDS Digital Playbook:

Play 2: Address the whole experience, from start to finish
I recently had the opportunity to work with the most amazing user experience professionals on an abbreviated project (a 36-hour "code fest").  We designed, deployed and submitted three applications for consideration by the GSA in pursuit of a coveted spot on their new Agile Services  Delivery BPA.

Together with two of our key capability partners Three Wire Systems and Fermata Creative, I am very proud to report that we won a spot on this innovative new delivery contract!  I think a key factor of our win was that we embraced the playbook, and rule two i…